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Welcome! We are the bands of Beech High School in Hendersonville, TN

Beech High School Marching Band 2324.jpg

2023 season Beech High School Marching Band

We need a Sousaphone and we are putting in the work for it! The band held a car wash on Saturday, August 26 to help raise money for a new Sousaphone. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a car wash, made a donation, spread the word, washed cars, and held signs. A very special THANK YOU to the BP Station at New Shackle Island and Stop Thirty in Hendersonville for allowing us to have our car wash there! **If you would like to help us buy a new Sousaphone, please visit our "Support the Band" page of this site where you can make a donation using PayPal. Thank you for your support!**

Meet the Bucs and our first "HOME" game. Playing pep tunes in the stands to support our Beech Buccaneers! Our first "home" game was played in White House due to the bleachers at Beech High School being unusable. We hope to be back playing in our stands and marching on our field soon!

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